At EDILÁSIO, working with different customers, products and cultures, we make sure that we can provide an extensive range of individualized mouldmaking solutions.


The main reason behind EDILÁSIO pioneering leadership is our dedication to cultivating the maximum potential of every member of our engineering and production staff.


At development and engineering unit,  EDILÁSIO combines the most world´s leading tools for product design and simulation - CAD/CAE/CAM -  with the skilled professionals, with competencies and knowledge developed and accumulated along of the more of 60 years.


Precision mechanical and electrical machining equipment, with multi tool change features, ensure (24 hours) a continuous production of high quality components in wide range of materials including high strength materials – steel, aluminium, other light alloys.



24 hours production...

… with Hi-tech Solutions for CAD-CAM and NC programming...

Mechanical and Electrical machining: steel, aluminium, light alloys and more…

…To get High Quality and Precision moulds...





EDILÁSIO offers the most innovative technical solutions for thermoplastic injection moulding and die casting.

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